Shidokan full contact karate

Thai boxing (MUAITHAI) is the first full contact marital arts in the world. Its is the national game of Thailand. The global challenge  which was held in 1964 by Thailand. They challenged all martial artists and conquered them.

But Masoyama, the Grand master of Kyo Kushin-Kai Kan Karate and his disciples posed a great threat to Thailand martial artists and counquered items in Thailand.

The first world martial arts tournament was held in Tokyo, Japan in 1964. The first seven places were obtained by Kyo Kushin Kaikan karate group. The Grand master of Shidokan karate is kancho: Yoshiji Soeno one of the greatest disciples of Masoyama. He is also known as Kyo Kushin Tiger.

Shidokan Karate was introduced in India 1984 by Shihan Abdul Rasheed, was has been conducting Karate classes in Abu-Dhabi for 40 years. Shihan: Pradeep Dharman the deputy chief instructor of Shihan Abdul Rasheed, is the technical director of Shidokan Karate association of India.

Shihan Abdual Rasheed is known as the FATHER OF INDIAN KICK BOXER. Samurai Collaborates with Sensei Ahamed Moosa(Heavy weight fighter) the major figure among 200 Shidokan martial artists who got black belts.

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